Alton Brown at McLean UnCorked

Today, Aaron and I had the opportunity to go see Alton Brown again. Those who were reading my blog back in March will remember the last time that we saw Alton was an incredibly awesome time, so we were very psyched about this show as well. I’ll like write more about it later, but as is evident from the above picture – he did not disappoint.

I’ll like write a bit more about the event later, once I’ve had a chance to go through all of the pictures that I took, but here are two videos that I took at the event to sum up the general awesome:

The whole time he was discussing the frustration of opening champagne bottles, I hoped he was going to do the Iron Chef method of hacking it open with a chef’s knife. This was way, way cooler.

And of course, the true test of geekiness – discussing the Zombie Apocalypse Survival Plan.

More, hopefully later this weekend!

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